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Technical specifications

  SEGS12B32 SEGS24B32 SEGS48B32 SEGS23B32
Tipical use: Night time
Light source: LED
Type of beacon: Steady
Colour: Red according to CIE Chromaticity Boundary
Light Intensity: > 32,5 cd
Horizontal coverage: 360°
Input voltage: 12 Vdc 24 Vdc 48 Vdc 110 – 230 Vac
Power consumption: 5 W 5 W 5 W 5 W
Average life: 100.000 hours
Temperature range: from -40 C° to +55 C°
Protection degree: IP66
Material of the body: GRP red body (UL94-HB)
Material of the transparent cap: Polycarbonate CAP (UL94-V2)
Connection: M/F connector IP68 for cable up to Ø9-6mm
Weight: 550 g
Fixing: Stainless steel anchor basement for poles with diameter up to 82mm